Wednesday, September 14, 2016

ThreadBeast Review

ThreadBeast is another monthly subscription box company offering clothing to its customers. However, they have a very special audience in mind: folks who like urban streetwear. And by urban streetwear, I’m talking about clothes a skater would like.

Comfortable, casual, bopping around clothes. Perhaps even a hip-hop sort of vibe.

At least, that’s what my nephew tells me. ThreadBeast isn’t really for me, but it’s right up my sister’s son’s alley (he’s 16 years old), so the subscription I started is for him.

How Does It Work?

In order to begin our subscription plan with ThreadBeast, my nephew had to answer about ten questions about stylistic choices and his sizes for different clothing and accessory items.

Next, I had to choose a subscription plan:

 Basic… 2-3 items per month, tops and accessories mostly ($55)

 Essential… 4-5 items per month, tops, bottoms and accessories ($85)

 Premium… 6-7 items per month, same as essential, but also some premium items including denim and outerwear.

I decided to slide right down the middle and picked the Essential plan. The first box we received contained five items.

My Experience With ThreadBeast

The first one was a Benny Gold Golden State Champions T-shirt, which goes for $30 retail.

It’s nice t-shirt, black with silver logo and print. It’s advertised as being crafted from 100% soft ring-spun cotton. My nephew says it’s very soft and comfortable, so the description seems accurate. He gives this item a thumbs up.

Next was the Grizzly Griptape Garden Longsleeve Shirt, retailing at $80. Shirt is a misnomer, for all intents and purposes. It’s really a light jacket. Again, 100% cotton, olive green with the Grizzy Garden print over the entire surface of the shirt (jacket). In my opinion, it’s a really well-made piece of clothing, but my nephew is luke warm. He’s not crazy about the pattern.

The third item in the box was a pair of Grizzly Griptape ankle socks…$12 if you buy them at the mall. The socks feature the signature Grizzy bear embroidered at the ankle, and the

Grizzly Griptape stamp logo on the bottom of the sock. “Cool socks,” my nephew said, so…I’ll consider that a thumbs up.

The next item also came out of the Grizzly Griptape catalogue. The Bear Cinch Sack retails for $32, comes in black with a reflective, silver 3M Bear logo, great for hauling gear around while skating or biking (said my nephew), and also provides a bit of protection when the sun goes down (said my sister). Not a wow-inducing item, but a well-made, practical piece to go with the other clothing.

Finally, another item in the same color scheme…Joggers from Holy Couture, retailing at $40. These sweatpants (as I would call them) elicited at “oh, these are sick” from my nephew, which my sister assured me was a good thing. Apparently, joggers are all the rage.

These are a base grey with black stripes on the waist and ankle pieces. Honestly, it’s a nice pair of pants. I would wear them too.

If you’re not keeping score at home, that’s $194 worth of clothing for $85. A pretty darn good deal. However, it was the first box in the subscription, so I’m sure ThreadBeast puts its best foot forward.

The Verdict

All in all, I have to give ThreadBeast a positive review. My nephew likes all the items he received, including the shirt-jacket that was not a huge hit, but still made the cut. Both he and my sister liked the clothing enough that she is going to take over the subscription and keep it active for a while. So if you or somebody you love is into urban streetwear,

ThreadBeast ( is worth a shot.

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