Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Trunk Club Review

My Trunk Club Experience

It’s a painful paradox for the modern male: we want to look good, but we don’t want the hassle of trolling the mall. But if we shop online, we don’t get the personal service and style support that a human being equipped with headset and dressing room keys can provide.
Trunk Club believes they have the solution. They claim to ship customized, top-of-the-line clothing directly to your home. Clothing from 50 high-end manufacturers. 
Is it expensive? Of course it is. Any mass-customized, high-fashion, warehouse-to-your-house solution must be.  Hence, mens subscriptions services are wildly popular.
But is it worth it? That’s the question we strive to answer below.

So just how does Trunk Club Work?

Its mission is simple: upon your request, deliver to your front door a trunk (it’s really just a box) filled with stylish, quality clothing that are adapted to your tastes and body style. In order to achieve this level of customization, Trunk Club connects you with a personal stylist who is armed with your fashion preferences, stores you frequent, and your measurements…all gleaned from a survey you filled out.Said stylist hand picks your clothing, pops it in a “trunk” and ships it off. You have ten days from receipt to try   everything on and decide what you want to keep and what you want to return (Trunk Club pays the return shipping).You also leave feedback for the stylist regarding his or her trunk selections to help them pack future trunks. Once ten days have passed, you are charged for anything you kept. 

Is Trunk Club a Subscription Service?

No, it is not. However, customers do pay a price…Trunks are only shipped out upon customer request. Personal stylists can be contacted via phone, email, text message and even through the Trunk Club app or website. 

About that price…These clothing items are not coming from Old Navy or even The Gap. Think more along the lines of Bloomingdales and other high-end department stores. Trunk Club offers pricing examples such as $170-$250 for denim, $100-$200 for casual shirts, and $100-$300 for sweaters. 
To add to the sticker shock, Trunk Club does not offer information for returns beyond the ten-day trial period. 

So, is Trunk Club Worth It?

Yes, if you are an extremely busy fellow, who doesn’t have an eye for fashion, but does have the cash flow necessary to finance well over $1000 per trunk of clothing. Guys fitting this description report that Trunk Club is convenient, the selection of clothing solid, and the hand-written note from the personal stylist appreciated…
For the other 95% of us? No. There’s no bargain rack at Trunk Club from which a guy can get last month’s fashions at 50% off. In fact, there are reports that Trunk Club prices are higher than normal retail. I guess they have to pay the bills, but so do the rest of us. 
And there are hidden costs as well. Most of the pants come with 34” inseams, so they need to be professionally tailored. As do the jackets, and the dress shirts for the best fit. Furthermore, if you are below 5’8”, Trunk Club probably can’t help you out, even with professional tailoring. 

The Verdict…

Trunk Club is a clever idea, and for the most part is well-orchestrated, but is not for the common man. The price points are simply too high, and many report that the quality of the clothing doesn’t match the price tag. Add to that the nebulas post-ten-day return policy, and it’s head on out to the mall, my friend. For those of you that can afford it, check out - Just be prepared to spend a pretty penny.

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