Monday, September 12, 2016

MeUndies Review

The products for some monthly subscription box services are impossible to figure out from the name of the company. BirchBox, Ipsy, and even Trendy Butler require, at the very least, a site visit to see what wares they are peddling.

I don’t believe that is the case with MeUndies.

The MeUndies brand claims that they have the “World’s Most Comfortable Underwear,

Socks, and T-Shirts.” That’s quite a claim, and one I planned on testing.

How Does It Work?

I decided to dive right into a monthly subscription plan because that saves $8 each, reducing the per-pair cost to $16.
Undies Box

Men have four styles from which to choose: boxer brief, trunk, boxer, or brief. Women have four as well: cheeky brief, bikini, boyshort, or modal thong.

I went with my mainstay, the boxer brief. Then I chose my size and color for my first pair.

You can choose from the classic Jockey pack colors of black, navy, burgundy or grey, a bold blue or purple (all $20), or patterns from the adventurous selection ($24).

You pay full price for the first pair, then the $8 off kicks in with the subscription. The monthly subscription only includes the adventurous selection, curated especially for you.

You do have the subscription choice of one or more pairs of underwear each month. I decided to start with one.

My Experience With MeUndies

My first order, the one I paid full price for, was the American Stripes adventurous pattern, which I have to say is nice looking. Royal blue with red and white stripes.

The fabric is lightweight and very stretchy, which was reassuring, but I knew the proof would be when I slid my pudding into them…

And I have to say, they are extremely comfortable. The fabric moves and stretches enough to fit me well, but is also sturdy enough to support me as I move.

Speaking of sturdy, perhaps my favorite feature of the MeUndies undie is the waistband.

Let’s just say that nobody is knocking down my door to be an underwear model, as I put a little bit of pressure on my undergarments from above. The waistband really hangs in there, not rolling over like the bands of my 3-pack boxer briefs from Walmart do.

Another great feature of these MeUndies boxer briefs is the room afforded to my special equipment. The pouch in front gives my guys room to breathe and move as necessary and also avoids those painful, near-castration episodes that occur with store-brand underwear that bunch and grab and pinch.

The Verdict

Overall, I have to give MeUndies a thumbs up. The only drawback is the price. They are a little more expensive than I am used spending on undergarments, but the comfort level might change my mind on that.

In addition, they also offer undershirts and socks, and if they are as comfortable as the boxer briefs, I might be in love. In my opinion, men and women alike should give MeUndies ( a try.

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