Friday, September 9, 2016

Loot Crate Review

Loot Crate is a monthly subscription company with a different spin on the type of goods they send. Most companies in this space ship clothes and toiletries and things of that nature.

Loot Crate sends products that “geeks and gamers” would enjoy.

They are partnered with titles and brands such as Adventure Time, Fallout, DC, Marvel, Halo, Nintendo, Star Trek, Star Wars, World of Warcraft and The Legend of Zelda.

The “Who We Are” statement on their website states: “At Loot Crate we offer up a unique monthly box of awesome for every fandom, enthusiast group and style. Pick your crate and get excited.”

The crates contain “The best and most exclusive licensed figures, t-shirts, home goods and more!”

How Does It Work?

The website advertises five different types of crates on the main page:

 Loot Crate – for geeks and gamers

 Loot Gaming – the ultimate crate of gaming gear

 Loot Pets – stuff for your pets

 Loot Wear – geek apparel

 Loot Anime – you guessed it, anime goods

But there are also specialty crates like Halo Legendary Crate, Firefly Crate, and a Call of Duty Black Ops III Crate, for example.

My Experience With Loot Crate

The first package I received from Loot Crate was the “Fantasy” edition. There were many claims that the advertisements the company used early on were misleading when compared to what was delivered. This advertisement seems a little more honest. Perhaps they got the message from all the complaints.

The first item in my crate was a Dungeons & Dragons t-shirt. It’s red with a decent looking D&D logo. I will get good use out of this shirt. I like it.

Next is a D&D bow tie…not a big bow tie fan to begin with, but if I were, the design of this one might devour all of my hit points. Ick.

And then Princess Bride Playing Cards. Yes… Princess. Bride. Playing. Cards. Maybe kind of cool for the older generation of geek or gamer, but totally lost on the younger generation.

The next item from the Fantasy Loot Crate was an inflatable crown, which is good for-- -if you figure it out, please tell me.

How about a Harry Potter Bag Tag? I’m a HP fan, but I don’t need to hang this on my luggage or anything. To be fair, a good friend of mine is a huge, huge, huge, HP fan. I think she’ll get a kick out of this.

How about a 4GB Game of Thrones thumb drive? Is that even enough memory to store the text from all the GoT books? Doubtful. And the design makes it difficult or even impossible to insert into some drives. Couple that with the GoT magnets-- - wait a second, aren’t we supposed to keep computer-type stuff away from magnets? Something a geeky company should know about. Maybe that’s why the magnets are so cheap. They were

FAOA (falling apart on arrival). And no terrible crate would be complete without an advertisement. Included was a Ninjak #1 DLC Comic. At least that’s what it was called. It was not much more than a come-on to purchase the comic in the future.

The Verdict

You can tell this by now, but I am not a fan of Loot Crate ( There are other experiences like mine chronicled on the web. Some of the merchandise is good quality, but most is too cheaply made to be considered a collectable. Not to mention the fact that the product selections are all over the place. D&D, Princess Bride, Harry Potter, and Game of Thrones…

Save your money folks, and buy a quality piece of memorabilia from your favorite movies or games.

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