Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Honest Company Review

The Honest Company is an online subscription site that claims to deliver “honestly safe, effective essentials for family and home.” It is co-founded by actress and mother, Jessica Alba.

The FAQ page answers the question of why they chose the name The Honest Company and their response is no surprise. First, they wanted to remain “free from fraud or deception, truthful” both in what they put in their products and how the business works behind the scenes.

Next, they effort to be “genuine, real.” It’s not a big company looking to make money at any cost, but instead a business run by parents for parents, with the best interest of families in mind (not to mention the environment and animals).

Finally, they want to be “respectable, praiseworthy” to the point that you want to tell everybody you meet how great the company is.

They produce and distribute all of their own products, which are “painstakingly” tested for both effectiveness, safety, and environmental concerns. None of their products are tested on animals, and The Honest Company has signed PETA’s Statement of Assurance to guarantee that.

How Does It Work?

The Honest Company offers several bundles to its subscription customers: Diaper and Wipes, Essentials, Health and Wellness, and Organic Infant Formula and DHA. They also offer a discovery kit which is full of samples and only costs the price of shipping. It’s a good way to check out the company without any commitment.

Some online research reveals that folks by and large like The Honest Company, both because of its product line and its business model, including their mission.

However, the proof is in the pudding, so I decided to give The Honest Company a shot. I started with the Honest Company Essentials Bundle, which costs $39.95 plus tax. Included are your choice of five personal care and cleaning products. All of the included products are natural and non-toxic.

In general, the subscription bundles will ship every four weeks unless you pick another frequency. This is easily adjusted in your account information.

My Experience With The Honest Company

The first two items in my bundle were honest shampoo and body wash. The sweet orange vanilla is advertised as “perfectly gentle,” and the dreamy lavender as “ultra calming.” Each container retails at $9.95.

Both scents are pleasing. The lavender is the scent you get from stuff in purple containers in the cleaning aisle at the super market. Sweet orange vanilla is more like creamsicle than a fruity orange scent. Both are gentle and effective soaps. I like them.

The next two items were the honest bath cleaner and honest glass and window cleaner, both retailing at $5.95. A lot of people think you need harsh chemicals to clean your bathroom effectively, but The Honest Company dispels that myth. The bathroom cleaner not only makes things shine, but also smells nice. The glass and window cleaner does a great job as well, without leaving behind any residue.

The last item included in my bundle was the honest toilet cleaner ($5.95). It also shined up the old commode, and did so without the aid of ammonia, bleach, or hydrochloric acid, and smells great without help from synthetic fragrances.

Additionally, The Honest Company ships its products in recyclable packaging, and uses materials made from recycled goods as often as possible. And a portion of every purchase is donated to a family in need.

The Verdict

All things considered, I am a fan of The Honest Company ( I would recommend their subscription program to anybody who is concerned about the ingredients used to make the products their family uses, their effects on the environment, and those who want the convenience of home delivery.

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