Friday, June 24, 2016

Bombfell Box Review

What is Bombfell?

Bombfell is another entry into the men’s monthly subscription clothing box space. There are some differences between Bombfell and other such services, like Fashion Stork, Trendy Butler, or Trunk Club, in that there are some upfront customization opportunities.

The site advertises the ability to not only enter size and style preferences, but also to set a budget and also order specific clothing items (“2 button-downs and a pair of jeans”). Furthermore, you also get a preview email showing what the stylist has picked for you. They claim you can “remove or change what you don’t like, or skip the order entirely.”

Finally, they state that you have 10 days to try everything out, return what you don’t want, and pay for what you keep.

It is also worth mentioning that you can set the frequency with which Bombfell sends clothing (monthly, every two months, every three months).
I’ve been interested in a casual blazer to wear about town, so I requested a blazer and button down shirt. My clothing arrived packaged neatly in separate bags, and the blazer came equipped with a hanger.

What I Received…. 

The Original Penguin button up is a flexible, sharp-looking clothing item. It’s more heavy duty than a regular button up, but still soft. The style is such that you could definitely dress it up or down......

Box consisted of 7 Items.  I returned 5 of the 7 items
My Bombfell Box
However, also heavy duty is the price (around $130). Original Penguin makes great stuff, but the cost can be prohibitive for many folks…like me.

The light salmon sweatshirt by Sons of Fortune was also a nice piece of clothing. Well-constructed, nothing cheap about it. Nothing. Including the $80-to-keep-it price tag.
I couldn’t decide off which side of the fence to hop, so I took to the internet to find some other reviews of Bombfell.  The Belt was nice as well, but had a MSRP of $40.  You get the drift....

The Verdict…..

One common issue is sizing. By the nature of online shopping, sizing issues will always abound. Small in one brand is medium in another. Tradition cut or slim fit? And what about athletic cut? It’s all very difficult for an online stylist and customer to hash out when they are not face-to-face.
While Bombfell offers free return shipping (which is common in men’s subscription boxes), I found a lot of horror stories about items that were returned because the customer didn’t like the style, only to get it back in a different color.

Another interesting facet of the Bombfell plan is the integration of social media. According to the site, they “sprinkle in your social data from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn so that [they] can get to know you and your style better.”

Is that really cool? Or really creepy? I’m just not sure… However, truth be told, I do appreciate the fact that they are trying to nail down my style as accurately as possible.

All in all, I believe Bombfell provides quality, stylish clothing, but the lack of shoes and high prices, as well as some question marks in reissuing of items and social media stalking, requires me to give Bombfell the thumbs down.   I know, I know…. some people like that kind of stuff, but not me.  That said, if you don’t mind the full price eCommerce model, Bombfell may be worth a try.   They can be found at - I’m curious as to what my readers think, so feel free to share your experience.